Baking Yummy Goodness

Just out of curiosity, I asked folks what their favorite cookie was. Almost always, the response was chocolate chip cookies. I put my education as a culinary professional to work. Out of an abundance of baking mishaps and failed food science experiments, emerged a cookie which titillates the taste buds, and The Most Delicious Cookie Company was born. The layered flavors of fresh butter, brown sugar, creamy milk chocolate and a finish of Sicilian sea salt, shine through like the sun on a cloudy day.

I present to you the most delicious chocolate chip cookie you have ever had. Enjoy it with your favorite beverage like a cup of coffee, tea or my personal favorite, a glass of iced- cold lemonade. The cookies are served warm just the way they should be and the taste is pure goodness. Seek us out, I’ll be glad to see you.